December 30, 2012 Edition

In this week’s edition … Tax Cuts, Administration, Transportation, Other News and Quote of the Week. Tax Cuts.  After the December 23 Edition went to press, House Republicans decided to end their holdout on extending the payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits and Medicare rates for doctors for two months.  The legislation passed both the House … Continue reading

December 23, 2011 Edition

In This Week’s Edition … Administration; Congress; Health Care; Other News; Quote of the Week Administration.  On December 17, President Obama signed into law a continuing resolution (def) through December 23 to give him time to sign a $915 billion spending bill that the Congress passed over the weekend (the House on 12/16 and the … Continue reading

Welcome to The NonPartisan Post

Welcome to The NonPartisan Post, where we strive to help educate our readers about the United States Government in a nonpartisan, “Just the facts, Ma’am” manner. The information contained in The NonPartisan Post is meant to be a “quick read” for those individuals too busy with life’s daily demands to spend hours following and researching … Continue reading

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